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New ‘Dark Ages’ Mosaic Uncovered In The Cotswolds

One great reason to arrange bespoke Cotswolds tours is that you can tailor them to suit your interests. If you’re something of a history buff then there’s a new sight in the region that might appeal to you.

A stunning mosaic has been uncovered by archaeologists at the Chedworth Roman Villa, but what’s unusual about this particular piece of art is that it was laid in the middle of the fifth century, in what is considered the dark ages and during a period when these ornate Roman dwellings were believed to have fallen into disrepair.

The Guardian reported on the discovery, noting that even though this mosaic wasn’t quite as ornate and impressive as those created by the Romans, it still indicates that there were some who were able to live to higher standards than previously thought.

Martin Papworth, a National Trust archaeologist, told the newspaper that there is little evidence of how life was during the fifth century after the Romans left.

“What is so exciting about the dating of this mosaic at Chedworth is that it is evidence for a more gradual decline,” he asserted.

Chedworth Roman Villa is a National Trust site that offers a fascinating glimpse into Britain’s Roman past and how people in the Cotswolds lived centuries ago. As well as the new mosaic that has recently been discovered, the site is home to several ornate and impressive Roman mosaics, as well as bath-house rooms and hypocaust systems.

Another landmark worth seeking out at the site is the Nymphaeum water shrine, where offerings to the water goddess were once made. The shrine is still fed by a water course that filters through the limestone of the Cotswolds.

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