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3 Top Historical Sites to Visit in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are blessed with rural beauty and honey drenched villages, but they also have a rich historical legacy. Here are some of the most fascinating historical sites to visit on your tour.

  1. Tewkesbury Abbey

The Abbey dominates the town of Tewkesbury, where it was originally founded in the 10th century for the Benedictine Monastery. It is still in use today as the parish church, the second largest in the UK. The monastic buildings were destroyed in 1539 as part of the Dissolution of the Monasteries, but the church was saved by the parish.

Explore this impressive building, with a fine Romanesque tower and a long nave. Also look out for 15th century-stained glass, the 17th century Milton Organ which is still played, and the unique ceiling bosses.

  1. Chedworth Roman Villa

Set in peaceful wooded grounds, Chedworth is one of the largest and historically important Romano-British villas in the UK. It was rediscovered by the Victorians, and has been extensively excavated to reveal enchanting mosaic floors, bathhouse rooms, and sophisticated heat and drainage systems.

There is a small museum where you can study artefacts from the Villa, and open grounds for you to walk and picnic in. You will also find a gift shop and a café selling drinks and a range of hot and cold snacks.

  1. Avebury Stone Circles

The ancient stone circles are a fascinating remnant of prehistoric Britain, built roughly between 2850 BC and 2200 BC. The outer ring encircles the village of Avebury, while the inner ring was originally comprised of about 100 stones, the largest stone circle in Britain.

Thought to be of ceremonial significance in the Neolithic and Bronze Age, today you can walk freely around the site, which has World Heritage Status.

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